Top Uk Makreting Agencies

10 Top UK Marketing Agencies

The United Kingdom is one of the forerunners when it comes to the digital marketing realm. The truth is that the UK has the honor of adopting it about a decade ago. The digital marketing agencies have been able to witness tremendous growth in this region.

agencies grew 2018

These agencies scaled their offering to match up with the dynamic shifts of the industry. If we look at the financial data of 2018, then we will realize the fact that the agencies grew on an average of 20% year-on-year basis from £2.3bn to £2.8bn.

The top digital agencies in the UK experienced a significant increase in their fee as well. The fee had a steady increase of about £159,565,388 while the fee of the rest of the agencies remained stagnant.

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Marketing success table
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Choosing the top digital marketing agency in the UK can be a tricky job so we will give you a necessary guideline in this regard. The following is a list of some of the UK digital agencies that successfully lead the race and overcame all hurdles to make their ventures a success.

How top UK agencies faced the challenges

Now, before we discuss the top digital marketing agencies in the UK in detail, it is essential to address some challenges as well that these agencies faced in recent times. They need to top digital marketing agency of the users as well to deal with issues effectively. The biggest challenge for most of the agencies is that the market is undergoing a constant change.

The only way to manage the survival is to design a sound strategy to remain in the spotlight. The reason behind the success of the top UK based digital agencies is that they have not shown any reluctance to try out the new strategies for moving closer to their market goals.

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Most of the digital agencies ensured the fact that they put social media to use for promoting their marketing. The reason is that they understood that about 37% of the shoppers get inspiration from social media to proceed with their purchases. The below graph says it all.

Most of the UK-based digital marketing agencies conduct detailed research on user behavior before designing any campaign. The recent research results show that about 69% of the digital media time gets spent on the mobile.

Well, this is why most of the market agencies make it a point to use this medium to promote their campaigns. The truth is that if a user comes across a campaign in the mobile search results, then this can increase the brand awareness by approximately 46%.

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If an agency wants to get continued success in the digital marketing world, then the talented management needs toaddress the following question.

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Image source: b2bmarketing

Another essential aspect that the UK based digital marketing agencies need to keep in mind is that GDPR will have a vital impact on the market. It is mandatory that the marketing agencies should get prepared for the necessary implications. They should have a clear strategy in this regard.
The following image gives a brief insight into how the agencies need to prepare for the GDPR.

Now, if you want to look forward to team up with the best digital marketing agencies in the United Kingdom, then you should make sure that you go through this article in detail and explore the list below.

Top UK Marketing agencies

1. TribalWorldWide UK

TribalWorldWide is one of the Top marketing agencies currently operating in the United Kingdom. Tom Roberts is the Chief Executive officer of this marketing agency, and the location is Bishop Bridge Road London. TribalWorldWide has an organized structure having talented creative directors who are keen to contribute to the progress of this agency. It will not be wrong to state TribalWorldWide is one of the pioneers of the modern advertising.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • Talented team with immaculate skills to make progress.
  • TribalWorldWide excels in tech engineering and customer experience.
  • The agency brought about an element of creativity in consumer perceptions.
  • TribalWorldWide utilizes a unique fusion of imagination and cutting-edge technology.


Falabella project

There is no denying the fact that Falabella’s now offers an in-class retail experience primarily due to the efforts of TribalWorldWide. The agency created a unique combination of technology and creativity to bring about the transformation of Falabella.
The agency made use of defined experience principles and blended those principles with the contemporary design. The interesting part is Falabella retains unique character which is the main goal of every brand, and it offers a premium experience to the customers.
What makes TribalWorldWide ahead of its competitors is that they shaped a culture of progress. The message that TribalWorldWide promoted through this project is that their focus is to simplify the complex customer experience.
TribalWorldWide streamlined the Falabella checkout from five long steps to one, and this transformed the browse experience. As a result, the business saw:

  • 55% uplift in conversions
  • An increase of 25% in customer satisfaction.

O2 site:

The navigation of O2 site was a more of a challenge. The site offered too many choices, but the site failed to make an impression upon the onlooker. TribalWorldWide came forward to transform this site so that it delivers the business objectives.
The agency successfully implemented a new design language. The changes brought uplift in the sales of the site. The customers fell in love with the O2 site. The site won the People’s Choice Award for Site of the Year for two consecutive years.

  • The cost of the site reduced.
  • The revenue of O2 increased.

2. Isobar UK

Isobar is yet another digital marketing agency that believes in pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Karl Weaver is the CEO of this successful agency, and it is in Triton Street London. What makes this agency stand out is that they have a collaborative culture that helps them deliver flawless results.
Isobar follows the market-leading practices, and they make use of technological innovation for creating an exceptional brand experience.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • Isobar has expertise in creative and digital communications.
  • Offers services that help to generate revenue.
  • Excels in creating eco-systems that help to define brands.
  • The team focuses on client requirements.


Progressive Mobile App development

Isobar holds the credit of developing UK’s first web app for a high street retailer. The objective of this app is to offer an improved mobile experience to the consumers. After the introduction of this app: Page load time reduced for the shoppers by 3.8x times, and the conversion rate experienced an increase of about 31%. The page views increased as well after the introduction of this app, and they increased by 20%.

Partnership with Clarins

The partnership between Clarins and Isobar brought about great results. Isober delivers a digital roadmap for Clarins. This agency provided desktop and mobile app for Clarins in more than 18 countries. Clarins annual e-commerce revenue increased by 30 %, and it ranked 2nd in the Digital IQ index 2018.

3. ThinkingJuice

ThinkingJuice is an award-winning London based digital advertising agency. They excel in offering integrated campaigns. The agency is versatile when it comes to offering identity design. The interesting trait about ThinkingJuice is that they ensure the fact that they gather detailed insight about your brand. They collect the information and present it a creative way.
Plus, this agency puts in powerful content in your marketing strategy to entice the audience.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • The agency has potential experience.
  • ThinkingJuice has a talented team.
  • They have a clear roadmap for success.
  • The agency cooperates with the clients in the best possible way.


Re-launch of American Apparel

One of the biggest achievements of ThinkingJuice is that they re-introduced the American Apparel. The brand American Apparel disappeared from the UK streets due to negative media coverage. ThinkingJuice made use of a unique strategy to reintroduce this brand.

They made use of empowering photography to give new life to the American Apparel. It will not be wrong to state that ThinkingJuice came up with an emotive campaign for American Apparel. As a result

American Apparel experienced a sales increase of about 548%, and they got PR coverage of about £900k. The site also received organic traffic of about 68%. Plus, a 190% increase in Instagram followers.

Wyke Farms Integration Campaign

Wyke Farms makes award-winning cheese. However, they were unable to communicate an effective message to their audience through their communication and branding. ThinkingJuice came up with an effective strategy to reposition this brand.

The main goal of the strategy was to focus on the craft provenance of Wyke Farms. ThinkingJuice designed a new logo for Wyke Farms. Plus, they came up with new packaging as well for Wyke Farms. All these changes made a massive impact on the audience.

Now, about 160,000 packs of Wyke Farms Cheese get sold per month. The website of Wyke Farms Cheese was also able to win 2016 Wirehive 100 ‘Consumer Site of the Year.

4. Ogilvy UK

If you want to make your brand matter, then you should ensure the fact that you contact Ogilvy, one of the top UK digital marketing agencies. The Chief Consulting officer of this agency is Ann Higgins, and the head office is in London. The agency designs the perfect digital marketing strategy for you so that your brand matters.
Ogilvy is a marketing agency that believes that your brand needs to have a competitive advantage. The agency has about 1200 creative thinkers working together to make a difference to the brands.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • The agency is versatile and works with companies of varying infrastructure.
  • They excel in functional and emotional brand propositions.
  • The team has the skillset to come up with excellent visual planning sessions.
  • The agency always has a perfect strategy to capitalise on the audience interest.


Reintroducing Unilever’s Comfort

Ogilvy helped already established brands like Unilever as well. When Unilever contacted Ogilvy, they had one main objective. They wanted to establish their position everywhere. Well, the truth is that Ogilvy made this happen.
Ogilvy brought about the element of innovation in Unilever’s brand, and this helped to establish a brand portfolio for Unilever. For example, the marketing agency came up with a new variant fragrance for Saudi Arabia. Ogilvy introduced design variants for the UK as well.
Now, Unilever’s Comfort is a billion euro brand, and the credit goes to Ogilvy.

Inculcating an element of innovation in Inmarsat Aviation brand strategy

Inmarsat Aviation had to struggle along with their brand promotion because their competitors promoted the technical product features. Inmarsat Aviation wanted to show how their products created value for the airlines.

The biggest challenge for Inmarsat Aviation was to come up with an innovative experience for their clients. Well, Ogilvy helped Inmarsat Aviation to make a difference. Ogilvy identified that Inmarsat Aviation’s customers seemed confused. The agency decided that they need to come up with a strategy that identifies the benefits and application of Inmarsat Aviation’s products.

The strategy made use of augmented videos to develop customer connection.

As a result, 50% of the audience could connect with the brand, and this resulted in new sales leads.

5. August Media

Well, August Media is one of the leading full-service agencies located in London. They have in-house technical and content capabilities. Plus, they offer project management as well under one roof. They deliver a flawless project from concept to the delivery.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • August Media establishes long-term collaborations with the clients.
  • Offer diverse services including editorial strategies and brand development.
  • The strategies of this agency gather the attention of the discerning audience.
  • The agency makes use of creative thinking.


Re-designing the Goodwood website

August Media got hired to rework on the organisation of Goodwood website. What Goodwood wanted August Media to do was turn the website into a hub that drives the buying opportunities. Goodwood wanted to offer the best user experience through their website.
Now, the challenge for August Media was to come up with a content-rich website that would streamline the route from browsing to the purchase. Now, August Media thought out of the box, and they decided to give a behind the scene experience to the users.
Plus, August Media decided to come up with unique content that is unavailable to the audience elsewhere. The strategy worked well. To achieve this goal August Media came up with a responsive website that made use of enterprise level CMS.

The CMS was modular, and this why the client was able to bring about customisation the way they wished. August Media wrote the content for all the sections of the website.

Now, the site offers improved engagement and sense of community to the users. Once the site got completed, Goodwood’s Chief Marketing Officer stated that the site was the perfect medium to present Goodwood’s history and diversity.

Strengthening Golfbreak’s online presence

August media assisted in redefining the Golfbreak brand as well. Golfbreak is one of the leading golf travel companies. The interesting part is that Golfbreak and August Media have worked together since 2012, and this demonstrates one thing for sure. August Media has the capacity to deliver. August Media redeveloped the online platform for Golfbreak. They focused on the technical build-up and the creative design as well. The results were phenomenal. has now been able to expand into the global markets including the United States of America due to their strong online presence.

6. Publicis London

Publicis London is an innovative marketing agency, and their office is in Baker Street London. It believes in the school of thought that both start-ups and established companies should be able to make radical changes in the market.
To facilitate the brands the agency ensures the fact that it provides a suite of relationship building products and services to its clients. Publicis London also manages incubator programs in an efficient way.
Nick Farnhill is the CEO of Publicis London and has a fool-proof strategy to make his agency a major success.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • Coming up with exciting visualisations for the campaign.
  • The agency uses unique concepts to engage the audience.
  • Publicis London uses various tools and platforms to promote the campaigns.
  • The result-oriented agency settles for nothing less than the best.


Coming up with an out of the box campaign for Renault

Recently, Publicis London designed a campaign for Renault to celebrate the 40 years of success. The agency came up with a 3 minute, 40 second film, and it is a part of the campaign.
The film focuses on 79 years Rosemary Smith whose dream is to drive an 800 bhp car. The film is entertaining, and it shows the 79 year old behind the wheel of 800bhp Renault.

Designing an exciting film campaign for Game of Thrones Season 5

The main goal of this campaign is to encourage the audience to test drive any Renault car, and they are successful in giving this message.

Publicis London adopted a unique strategy to market the Game of Thrones Season 5. The theme of the campaign was to show Northern Island as the home to Games of Thrones Season 5. Publicis London made use of fantastic props in the film campaign.

The agency deserves appreciation for the fact that they posted the prop videos and images all over social media to reach about 100 million Game of Thrones fans all over the world.

7. Bird Marketing UK

Located in London, Bird Marketing is a successful UK based digital marketing agency that provides services tailored to cater to the needs of a business. They create modern websites that get designed keeping the SEO perspective into consideration. What makes Bird Marketing stand out is that they make use of the top SEO techniques to get ahead of their competitors.

Plus, they ensure the fact that they target keywords that can help you get profitable results.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • Has a skilled team that manages web design.
  • Can help clients achieve organic traffic for their site.
  • The agency gives a unique identity to every brand through a strong online presence.
  • Has massive experience at hand when it comes to SEO services.


Establishing a strong online presence for 4site

4site are the market leaders when it comes to visual marketing solutions. They are an established business, but still, they faced significant challenges in developing their online presence. Bird Marketing left no stone unturned to help Bird Marketing make an impact.

The agency ensured that it conducted detailed keyword research to strengthen the online presence of 4site. Next, the agency identified the top keywords that they need to target for establishing the online presence of their client 4site. Bird Marketing realized that they need to put forward some fresh content on their website to make 4site a success.

Bird Marketing introduced the concept of backlinks in the campaign as well. After these efforts:
4site experienced a 287% increase in its organic traffic and 154% increase in its conversions.

Creating an SEO optimized website for FNX bathrooms

Another client that desperately needed a strong online store was FNX Bathrooms. The issue for FNX Bathrooms was that they sold a wide range of bathroom products, but their online store did not reflect this element. Bird Marketing studied the brand’s guidelines and designed the website of FNX Bathrooms accordingly. Plus, Bird Marketing was able to speed up the site as well.

The site experienced 5X page increase it in its speed.
There has been an increase of 17% in the conversions as well.

8. Odyssey New Media

It is one of UK’s best marketing agencies that provides social media, SEO and PPC services to its respective clients. The agency location is in the Birmingham United Kingdom. Robert Stoubos is the CEO of Odyssey. The primary goal of this agency is that companies should get a good return on their market spending.
Odyssey has skilled mobile app developers as well because this agency feels that mobile applications are undoubtedly the best way to reach the maximum number of clients. The agency holds the honor of working with many industry giants as well and has successfully strengthened the online presence of these giants.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • Improving the organic search rankings for the clients.
  • They are bringing about an improvement in the usability of the website.
  • Odyssey helps to increase brand awareness.
  • Excels in conversion enhancement consultancy.


Coming up with an SEO setup for Kpsol

Kpsol is one of the potential clients of Odyssey New Media. They offer knowledge management software solutions to their clients. Kpsol needed the assistance of Odyssey for a strong online PR. Plus, they needed assistance with their SEO as well.
Kpsol was not after a massive number of leads. What they preferred was quality leads and Odyssey did not let them down by any means. The agency offered SEO setup and management services to Kpsol.
Secondly, they also managed the PPC setup for Kpsol. Odyssey made sure that they put up a flawless email setup for their client as well. After so many efforts the results achieved were impressive.
The organic traffic of Kpsol increased by 75%, and average monthly lead increased to 23.

Reinventing the brand Marval software

Marval software also worked with Odyssey. They are solution providers for IT service. What Odyssey did for Marvel software is that it improved the cross-channel marketing efforts for Odyssey.
They also provided consultancy to Marval software for redesigning their website. Another objective of Marval software was to increase its followers on the social media accounts. Odyssey provided Conversion Enhancement Consultancy to Marval software.
As a result, Marval software experienced 119.27 increase in organic traffic. The conversion rate increased to 5.6%.

9. Coal UK

When you need the assistance of UK-based top digital marketing agency, then you should not be hesitant to contact Coal. Their primary location is Sheraton Road London. If you are all set to work with Coal, then you need to be aware of the fact that their main focus is improved advertising.
The strategy Coal adopts is that it focuses on the reason due to which businesses contact the agency in the first place. They target repeat clientele.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • The agency offers the best working environment.
  • It offers strong solutions for the client’s businesses.
  • Helps businesses understand the impact of strong marketing.
  • Coal fuels up the business growth with their immaculate consultancy.


Creating a unique identity for Top Gear Consumables

Top Gear Consumables contacted Coal because they needed to develop a strong corporate identity. Coal provided multiple services to Top Gear Consumables. The services included Graphic Design and Brand development. Plus, the agency also creates an asset ecosystem for the brand. The final results were:
Top Gear Consumables emerged as a bold brand.

Reinventing the online presence for Boss Design

Boss Design contacted Coal because they needed complete web design and web development as well. Plus, they needed a print campaign as well for their new furniture range. What Coal needed to do was to build a teaser landing page for Boss Design, and they did not fail to put in their best efforts.
Coal also had to create the element of anticipation to drive the traffic to the website. The biggest strength of Boss Design is that the range has infinite possibilities. Coal cashed on this positive aspect.
The agency came up with a unique landing page that allowed the user to configure the product the way they wished. The goal was to communicate the message to the users that Boss Design’s range can cater to their unique requirements.
The result was a flawless digital strategy for Boss Design. Plus, Coal was able to redesign the campaigns for the existing products as well.

10. Illuminate

Illuminate can help potential businesses acquire digital excellence. They offer a wide range of services that include ecommerce, ppc, content marketing, and seo. The agency is London based.
The best aspect about Illuminate is that the agency is not hesitant to assist the start-ups as well. They make use of micro-targeting strategies on the significant social media platforms. Well, this plays a crucial role to increase the reach of the clients.
Plus, Illuminate ensures the fact that it makes use of the top analysis platforms to gain customer insight. The agency indulges in comprehensive keyword research for flawless paid search advertising.
The agency holds immense value for existing businesses because they have the capability to manage a full technical audit. Illuminate makes use of custom scripts to maximise the element of efficiency.

⊕ Key Strengths

  • They make use of cutting edge technology to strengthen the client’s business.
  • Come up with unique campaigns.
  • Illuminate works closely with the client.
  • Have the necessary experience.


The agency featured at the Barcelona Affiliate Conference.
Illuminate featured in CMA as well.

How these agencies can maintain their hold in the UK market

Being successful is not enough anymore. The significant aspect is that the UK based digital marketing agencies need to maintain their hold. They need to follow the industry expert advice in this regard.

“Agencies will need to show more evidence on the importance of brand to encourage B2B clients to invest.”
Shane Redding Marketing consultant Think Direct

Another aspect that the marketing agencies need to keep in mind is:

“Clients are increasingly cherry picking narrow skill sets rather than traditional agency skills.”
Peter Young Portfolio NED and Marketing Consultant

What the digital marketing agencies need to do is that they have to maintain a strong check and balance. They need to keep a strong eye on the percentage of the annual revenue to track their progress.

The positive side of the picture is that the future of digital marketing agencies is bright. The reason is that we have a healthy percentage of digital buyers. The below-mentioned graph says it all.

Image source: smartinsights

After going the detailed content one thing can be said for sure, and that is innovative and creative digital marketing agencies will continue to rise in the UK. Well, this means increased competition. Only the best will survive the competition.

The good news for the businesses is that the increased competition will help them get better quality services from the digital marketing agencies. In short, the UK based digital marketing agencies are bound to make an impact on small and large businesses in 2019 as well.