Facebook Ads Guide



It is not just enough to post an advert on Facebook. You should also ensure the advert generates the desired outcomes. This can only happen if you put in place several social media strategies to make this happen. Listed and explained below are some of the top strategies that have been proven to optimize the performance of adverts on the Facebook platform. They are thus more likely to generate you greater returns on your investments.

Determine your Target Market and Marketing Strategies

You should first and foremost start by defining your target market. This simply means identifying their unique tastes and preferences. You thereafter capitalize on the same.

1. Create the Personality of your Buyers

Buyer personality is a fictional presentation of your target market. It plays the role of targeting a specific audience effectively by appealing to their unique preferences. It helps you to manage your campaigns more effectively besides sharing information easily with them and your sales team. Incorporate as many details as you can while creating the buyer persona. Assign the persona unique name, attributes, hobbies, and even jobs!

2. Predict the Steps a Buyer Might take in Response to your Advert

Prospective clients will often respond to adverts in diverse ways. To ensure a higher conversion rate, think of all the various options which a prospective client may choose from. Incorporate these various options in your design and creation of adverts. This will guarantee a slightly higher conversion rate. You may also wish to bring social influencers to help you out.

Try out the Different Advertising Options

Facebook has several advertising formats. To find out which one works best for you, you are advised to test as many different options as possible.

3. Contemplate Using the Carousel Advertising Technique

Carousel ads are those that contain several images or videos embedded in one long and continuous advertisement. They allow you to display several multiple adverts in one. They can contain videos and images. They may, for instance, advertise various aspects or angles of one product.

Alternatively, they may showcase several products in one long and continuous package. They thus convey more details but take up limited space. You may use them to demonstrate how a product works and carry out brand awareness due to their engaging nature.

4. Improve the Response and Experience of Users with Video Adverts

Videos are the most engaging contents on the internet. That is because they incorporate sound and motion. To fully leverage them, you ought to optimize them for social media marketing. Add subtitles to them to enable the viewers to make meaning of them without necessarily turning on the sound. That is because studies have deduced that well over 85% of viewers watch videos with their sounds off.

They should also be as short as possible. Most people have limited attention spans and won’t spend too much of their time watching the videos. Do not forget to analyze your audience and target them appropriately thereafter.

5. Reach out to Users via the Mobile Platform using Canvas Advertising Solution

Canvas ads are special Facebook adverts that are used exclusively on the mobile platform. Given that more people world over access Facebook via the mobile platform, it is also necessary that you utilize these ads. They provide full-screen interactions with the users after each click. This way, they keep off any distractions that the users may generally encounter.

They too can serve several purposes like selling products or telling stories. You should combine them with slides and videos to retain the attention of customers. At the end of the slideshow, make a ‘call to action’ to give the customers that final push to act.

Try out your Target Market beforehand

You should then proceed to test your target market. This will let you know the efficacy of your advertising solution and gauge the efficacy of your campaign. Use the following strategies to do that.

6. Target People Based On Purchasing Behavior

This entails fine-tuning adverts on the basis of what the past users bought or how they responded to the call to action. You will find this option under the ‘Behavior Category’ of the detailed targeting section. Once you click this option, you will see a list of the past products that users bought.

You are to thereafter select the option which you intend to target. Make it the primary option by clicking on ‘Save Audience’. This is to enable you to reuse it in your future Facebook campaigns.

7. Deepen your Reach using the Lookalike Audience Option

A lookalike audience is a special audience which is automatically generated by Facebook to resemble one that is provided for by an advertiser. For instance, if you furnish Facebook with a list of e-mail addresses, Facebook shall mine its database and identify the profiles that possess those e-mail addresses. This will help in expanding the reach of the audiences that are already doing well.

Use a converted audience to generate this list. Select the website traffic option and opt for the traffic option that satisfies given criteria. Proceed to select the event you prefer such as ‘purchase’ or ‘add to cart.’ You may also use a list of past customer e-mails.

Consider also utilizing the video engagement custom audience to create a lookalike audience. Do this by visiting the ‘audience tab’ and click the ‘create a custom audience.’

Fine-tune your Advertisements

You now have to narrow your advertisements. Doing this will make them more relevant, decrease your cost-per-click and give rise to better quality results.

8. Support and Promote your Current Customers

Once someone has converted into a customer, make every effort to retain them. Follow them up every quite often. Do so by creating a custom audience, sending out frequent marketing e-mails, and showcasing user-generated contents on the e-commerce platforms. Use social media feeds to do these.

In all, targeting an existing customer is more fruitful than trying out a new one. This is because they are more likely to place new purchase orders. You will also take less time and effort to do so.

9. Do not Target Current Customers in your Future New Customer Promotions

You may also consider excluding your past clients from special promotions that are directed at first-time clients. Doing so will make them feel less cheated or conned. Get rid of their e-mails and other contact details from the mailing list of the first time clients. You may also consider optimizing the website contents in such a way as to stay invisible to them. Extend this to persons who have added items on the cat but are yet to purchase them.

Incorporate other Advertising Channels alongside Facebook

Combine Facebook with other advertising channels to boost their efficacy. This will also strengthen your campaign and deliver a more unified message.

10. Consider Using Instagram alongside Facebook

The main aim of this strategy is to captivate the attention of the potential clients. It also retargets the same persons in the alternative advertising channels. By constantly seeing the same adverts every now and then, the targeted end user will most likely respond.

Instagram is perhaps the most compatible of all the alternative advertising channels. Post adverts with similar message or contents but different formats on both platforms to actualize this.

Common Strategies to Remarket your Products

Retarget the past clients through a comprehensive remarketing strategy. Do so rigorously until they convert or make a sale. Make good use of your conversion tracking pixel to ascertain their progress.

11. Follow up on past Visitors to your Site

Target the past visitors to your site. You can do this in a number of ways. You may target those people who have visited your site. You may go a step further and target those who have visited specific pages or taken specific causes of actions.

You may further target past users on the basis of how long they stayed on your page or how much time has elapsed ever since they last visited your page. Take into account that those who have stayed for too long without visiting your site are less likely to recall your products.

12. Follow up those who abandoned their Cart

Users who have abandoned their carts i.e. placed some items in their carts but have not yet purchased them also need to be specially targeted. Track the custom events using your Facebook pixel. Add the custom event code to the ‘add-to-cart’ page.

Follow this by creating a custom audience that is based on the website traffic. Proceed to incorporate the traffic that satisfies the event condition of ‘add-to-cart.’ Exclude the ‘purchase’ event. These steps will allow your adverts to be viewed only by persons who have visited the ‘add-to-cart’ page but are yet to complete the purchases.

13. Make Good use of the Dynamic Products Advertisements

This approach promotes products which users have already expressed interest in. It is more effective because it eliminates all forms of guesswork. The approach acts as a reminder rather than an advertising campaign. They are also automated; meaning that they call for limited intervention on your part. You only have to upload a ‘product catalog’ and let Facebook do the rest for you.

14. Consider Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

You may also consider cross-selling and up-selling. This simply means enticing an existing client to purchase a different item other than the one he intended in the first place. Up-selling, on the other hand, entails enticing an existing client to purchase an additional item, over and above the one he already wanted.

Go to the ‘power editor’ and create a product catalog sales campaign to do this. Select the products you intend to promote. Lastly, select the ‘up-sell’ or ‘cross-sell’ products options. Complete by adding the exact products you intend to show for the selected options.

15. Take Advantages of the Facebook Pixel as well

To track conversations using this tool, install the Facebook pixel app on your computing device. Look out for the green dot on the Facebook pixel status page to ascertain whether it is working well. In case you notice results that are not recorded properly by the pixel, consider changing your conversion window. This is because the window may not be as large for your lead conversion process as should be.


You may well have noted that utilizing the advertisement tools of Facebook is not a simple task. You definitely require the assistance of an experienced and highly-skilled companion. Find someone to help you out especially if you lack the necessary technical skills.