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7 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online.

Often people get into blogging to create passive income on the side or just to have a place to share personal stores. People might not think about monetizing until they realize how much time it up or when they want to turn out their passion project into something that is profitable.
There are seven strategies that a blogger can start immediately after reading this article to begin monetizing his/her blog right away.

1. Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people are familiar with this term. The basic idea behind it is that the products and services that are available for sale out there today and the companies that are producing those products want to sell as much as possible. So, they create something that is called as an affiliate program.
This is where you sign up and get a special link that you can put throughout the blog post or maybe on your website. When the visitor clicks on that link, goes and purchases a product, you will get a percentage of that sale.

  • You will not be responsible for managing anything on a regular basis. Th only task you have to accomplish is to put the link in your blog that straightly take the visitor to the website they want to reach.
  • It is your sideline earning that will continue to support you as long as people follow the links you shared with them.
  • There are various ranges of how this works. Some companies will pay 50% of the sale, and others will pay much less.
  • You must be careful in getting affiliate marketing heavy on your website. People believe that the only time they click through, it must take them to a page where they need to buy something. Otherwise, they are not likely to come to your blog and click on anything that you have. So, be selective and chose products and services that you know and tried yourself and link to those only.

2. Sidebar Advertisements on your Blog

We all have seen them, the crazy number of ads on sides. They go to products and services that have nothing to do with your blog content. So, a similar warning is here as for the affiliate marketing. People leave space on the sidebar of the homepage of the website and ask companies to advertise their products and services on the site. You can make a lot of passive earning by just doing this.
Some of the important facts that you must know about sidebar advertisements are given below.

  • The demand for product and service marketing is going to go forever. The companies would always want to look for sites that can help them sell their products and services. You can be one of them by leaving some space on your blog site.
  • The sidebar advertisements could be of two types. Either the companies are paying you to have that ad on the sidebar on your blog or either it could be an affiliate link that is discussed above where the link directly goes to the product or service for which you will get the commission.
  • Not every company is trustworthy and useful for you. So, make sure you are linking to products and services of companies that you know and support.
  • You can templatize your blog site for the advertisements. In case you would need to make any change, it would be easy for you.
  • The last point that the blog site holder must keep in mind is to keep a check on the number of advertisements. It must not annoy the readers or the visitors by having too many advertisements.

3. Offer Products on your Blog Website

The products could be the e-books, e-courses and the pre-recorded courses that you have available on your website for download. It could be physical products also, something that you are making at home or something that is representing other company’s products.
The nice thing about using the digital products is that the amount of your share can be deposited directly into your PayPal account or another online banking account. The products will automatically be shipped to the person who signed up for their email address.
As the content that you have written is beneficial for your reader, therefore, each time you promote your blog or website by promoting the book or the course.
The only conn of this strategy is that you are not sure about its success. It takes a lot of time to create, but there is a guarantee that you will reap any benefits.

4. Donations and Recurring Pledges

The focus of this idea is that when you have developed an audience that frequently visits your site, you can ask them for donations. Many organizations use this strategy to generate additional revenue from their site. The visitors will be asked to donate voluntarily.
There are many pros and cons attached to it, such as:

  • The potential of this model is infinite. It depends on the visitor and the quality of the blog posts that you have on your website. If your content is of good quality and you get the visitors that are generous, then you are fortunate. Therefore, the donations model has unlimited possibilities.
  • It could be that you may earn a lot of passive money in one month. However, maybe you do not earn enough in the next. So, this system is unreliable to some extent.
  • You will have to make other compromises as well. You must let the other opportunities to go if you want to get this one. For instance, if you have a donation appeal over an advertisement. In this case, you cannot use the opportunity of advertisement.

5. Start Providing Consultation

This will take a little bit out of your own time, but it is an option that you can avail immediately to start making money. Make a few announcements on your social media pages or add a blog post of how you have some time open for upcoming coaching schedule.

  • You can let everyone know how much you charge, when you are going to close the program, etc.
  • Even if you have one or two people, that can make you more money than you started with. So, use this option optimistically. As with the passage of time, you will get the experience, and that will start paying you off.
  • You will start to get more traffic than before.
  • It will boost your reputation also.
  • If you stay regular and give more time to it, you can make money continuously.

6. Share Educating Content

You can offer your visitors educating material, such as workshops and courses. You have to make it appealing to your reader. If you know what type of community your readers belong to, you can create content concerning that. The reader would happily pay you for the things that are related to them and from which they will get the benefit.
The perks that it will bring with it are:

  • If you do it successfully, then you can continue it further by generating more and more passive income.
  • The reader will continue to come back to your site if you provide them with good quality educating stuff. Then, you will sit back and enjoy the earnings of your hard work.
  • While doing this, you can make use of other opportunities, such as you can ask for donations to the readers. The reader would never get annoyed by they are getting benefit from your courses; then they will be more likely to donate to you.
  • Besides all the benefits, it needs hard work more than any other strategy. You have to research the topic exhaustively and make sure that the content is of high quality. Only then you will be able to make it work.
  • Maybe it can also lead to ruining your reputation if the visitor is not content with the stuff you are providing them and then they decide to wait and ask for a refund. Therefore, you must keep in mind that whatever you are offering through your post, must fulfill the dire needs of the visitor.

7. Sell your Blog

It is all about selling your blog rather than making passive money by focusing on other strategies. It could help you a lot, as well as the buyer. The seller will get the money, and the buyer has the option to transform the blog into a completely new blog and then harvest the benefits that it generates.
You can also work on the transformed blog with the buyer. You will be paid for your work, but, you cannot ask for a share in the profit that it will generate.

Now, after reading the whole article, your head must be loaded with ideas about how to make, organize and promote your blog website and the posts in it. You have now the clear road ahead of you to make a difference in your earnings by boasting traffic to your blog site through above-given strategies.

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