8 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn but maybe not

LinkedIn is more like a professional social media platform with not much users and active work like the other peers as Facebook, and Twitter, etc. have. However, spending some time on LinkedIn can also be phenomenal for strengthening the professional relationships and can help you find some talent for your organization. You can also get the most out of your LinkedIn account by simply following the eight ways mentioned below:

1. Always keep the profile updated

You have to review your LinkedIn profile regularly to make sure that your profile is updated, primarily the contact information and the links to other accounts. Add more details about your experience in the latest job.

2. Add projects to your profile

Do add different projects that you have worked on and completed. Whether it be a campaign, research report or maybe a social responsibility program. Make sure that the information you put in is correct, and you are directly associated with the projects because your profile will be public and you shouldn’t be adding such projects where you didn’t play any part, and just your company or organization did it.

3. Tag your peers and colleagues

You must be noble and selfless while using the LinkedIn platform. Tag people who have worked with you on the projects and also other people whom you are familiar with and congratulate them on their projects or some good news about their company.

4. Publish thought leadership

LinkedIn is a useful way to work on your ideas, and you can also form long stories. LinkedIn will also publish signal notifications to your connections, and you are likely to get as much audience as much connections you are having, and you can also get suggestions and comments.

5. Join Groups

See your friends’ profiles to know about the groups they have joined and join the one that feels interesting. You can always leave any group or unsubscribe from updates.

6. Scan updates

The mobile app is more useful in staying in touch with your contacts because on the home screen; you will see the sand post updates that your contacts liked while you will see the stories that they have shared when you will use the mobile app.

7. Download the Connected app

Stay connected by downloading the connected app.  The LinkedIn connected app is available on both Android and iTunes, and you can easily do things on the app like knowing about any friends’ birthday and congratulating them on their anniversary or a new job or see then posts they shared.

8. Connect with people you know

You can connect with the people with whom you have a relation in some way. You will see them coming in the feed and can easily connect.