A user friendly Blog – 4 simple step

With high quality content playing an increasingly vital part in SERP, blogging has become an important part of almost any firms marketing plan.

But writing stunning content is not enough in itself. You might have the top article in the globe, but if it is not displayed in a user-friendly format then nobody is going to share or read it.

I may be inviting criticism of our own website (and this page), but I wanted to explore some of the important things to remember when it comes to making a user-friendly post/blog page.

Create a white space

Write in little paragraphs of only 2 or 3 sentences and use plenty of line breaks. This is particularly vital in reports or long posts where there is a lot of the reader to take in. Present each thought in its own paragraph instead of trying to force various points into one block of text.

Bullet points to make paragraph attractive

Bullet points are best for the following factors:

  • They support the reader simply absorb points
  • They are visually pleasing
  • They are an amazing way to show list of points in the same thought.

Include internal links

It is vital to link to other pages on your website with descriptive anchor text. This provides visitors relevant additional reading options, attracts traffic to other areas of your website and can also support with SERP.

Use Imagery

All blog posts should have imagery, whether it is videos, image, screenshots, gifts or linked social media posts. Not just does this make the post more attractive, it also breaks things up perfectly and makes the full thing simple to digest for the reader. Videos and images can also be an amazing way to put points you have made into context via visual examples.