Digital Communication Trends

Strategic planning
The most amazing campaigns nowadays link back to a rise in full business growth. For instance, a perfect campaign could be measured by a rise in a members, new diners, or customers. The top way to measure this is via data analysis and bench marketing. The hope of PR practitioners as “data analysts” has become quality.
User Generated Content
With the increase of social media, old media gatekeepers are exit out of the equation. If you wish to get your message in the media hands, figure out what message you want to tell and what content is worth to your audience.
Single Message Content Strategy
Your social media plan should be in alignment with your business purposes. Be capable to identify the message you want to people take away from your firm in one sentence. By utilizing the one message content idea, all content across multiple ways should tie-in to the content you are looking to share.
The New SEO
When crafting your content, you need conciseness, clarity and connection. All perfect stories are easy at their core. Think little sentences, and think of your audience and your special link to them before writing content. Content promotion is the new SEO. The aim is to craft match content to make it simple for your prospects to find you.
Blogger Relations
In the fresh globe of media relations, you are basically selling content. If the message is bad, a blogger dangerous losing subscribers. Bear in mind, bloggers are just going to push forward amazing content that will raise viewership. Make it simple for the blogger to run your story and you will raise the likelihood of being featured.
Real Time Marketing
Real time promotion is all the age. Follow the news cycle and look for links to trending stories. If you have a real tie-in to the story, let the media know. It is breaking news of the day, find any tie is that is really authentic. This applies social media promotion and public relations ideas.
Social Media Driven PR
The top PR promotions are those that are cohesively linked between public relations and social media. Social media should be used to balance a PR promotion to drive constant media exposure and editors interest for your business. Use social media such as popular site like Twitter to search for and read reporter queries in true time and build a constant link with journalists. One of the top ways to get a journalist to read your pitches is to link with them on Twitter.