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SEO: best practices and SEO guide for Beginner and Bloggers


Putting up a corporate website is the first and by far the least significant aspect of letting your business stay noticed by the worldwide community. You have to adopt certain ingenious techniques to achieve this vital aim. We have carried out extensive research in the area and are glad to present to you our SEO guide for Beginner and Bloggers.


You answer lies in the search engine optimization techniques. These techniques are the processes that maximize the number of potential visitors to your site. They do this by letting your site appear more visible whenever it is searched on the internet. This visibility is brought about by the improvements in the rankings of your site in the search engine results pages.


This is a set of strategies which you may employ to customize your website to the algorithms which the major search engines use to rank the sites. These practices emit some ‘signals’ which the search engines use to detect the quality of the site and subsequently use them to rank the assign that particular site a rank. The following are some of the common SEO practices and what each of them entails:

Title Tags

Title tags are components of the Hypertext Markup Language page which spell out the precise titles of the web pages. They are displayed on the search engine results pages and are clickable. When clicked, they direct the visitor to the rest of the site or that specific page. They thus play a vital role in boosting the visibility and rankings of the respective website.

Meta Descriptions

These are snippets that are typically no more than 155 characters long. They are tags in the Hypertext Markup Language and basically offer an executive summary of the entire scope and content of the page. They come in handy whenever the site is searched using the phrase or a variation of it. It is particularly crucial for the on-page SEO.

Use of Keywords

Keywords are special phrases which constitute the contents of your website. They basically make it possible for your sites to be easily accessed via the various search engine tools. The use of such words basically let your site ‘speak the same language’ as a potential visitor to the site would. They, therefore, create a vital connection or link between your site and the visitor.

Header Tags

Just like the title tag, the header tags also form part of the Hypertext Markup Language page. They are also called the tag. They are mostly the tiles of the posts or any other texts that are given some emphasis. As such, the header tag is the most prominent and visible text within the page. When indexed appropriately, these header tags aid in finding the page when searched.

Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are the clickable texts that form part of the hyperlink. When clicked, the texts direct the visitor to some pages within the site or to external sites. It is by far the most common and widely used form of search engine optimization.

File Names for SEO

It is necessary to always only use those file names that are relevant to the theme and overall content of the site. This aids your web page to generate higher rankings on the search engine results pages. This is because the search engines crawl the text of your web pages and the image file names as well. Having relevant and specially formulated names aids them in doing so.

Improvements in Readability

Needless to say, your content has to be highly readable. They have to be spacious, properly formatted and written in simpler language. This will not only help the search algorithms to crawl the pages but also aid the readers in comprehending the contents. This arrangement will subsequently contribute to the higher rankings of the said site.



Now that you already know the various SEO best practices, it is better to know the various strategies that may help to build a successful search engine optimization undertaking. The steps outline and discussed hereunder will definitely do you some good:

Make a List of Topics

Start off by making a list of the various topics you intend to incorporate in your site. These topics are the yardsticks against which your SEO contents shall be fashioned. They are the ones that the rest of your content talks about. Be sure to tailor them to the unique needs of your site for the sake of relevance.

Generate a List of Long-Tail Keywords Based on the Topics

Closely related to the above is the need to generate a list of long-tail keywords. These are further words and phrases that aim at deepening the knowledge and the scope of the keywords discussed above. They serve as the latent semantic indexing keywords. They too should be as relevant to the content and the overall aim of the site.

Build Pages for Each Topic

Now proceed to build a page for each of the topic you have identified. This will let the site to be easily navigable. It will also aid in enhancing the visibility of the web page when crawled with the various search engines. While at it, be sure to use the secondary keywords in each page for the sake of further visibility.

Set Up a Blog

It is necessary to set up a blog on your site. This is to enhance the number of visitors that may possibly visit the posts. The blog also allows for a one on one interaction with the site. It also boosts the authoritativeness of the site by letting it get referenced by third parties. Of course, the contents of the blog have to be relevant to the theme of the site as a whole.

Blog Every Week to Develop Page Authority

Other than merely setting up the blog, it is also necessary that you update the blog every quite often, preferably on a weekly basis. Doing this will develop the authority the site by making it stand out within its particular niche. Also necessary at this stage is to suit the contents to the specific needs and expectations of the clients.

Create a Link-Building Plan

You also have to put in place a suitable link-building plan for your site. This is basically a set of hyperlinks that may provide a link between external sites and your site that share more or less similar themes. Creating the links boost the visibility of your site and also drive more traffic to it at any given time.

Keep Pace with the SEO News and Best Practices

Lastly, you have to keep pace with the latest SEO news and best practices. This way, you will get to know the latest strategies that may help you stay afloat. This stems from the fact that the world of information technology is constantly changing. It is only such a knowledge that will see to it that you are ahead of your competitors at any given time.


Having known the various SEO best practices and the manner in which they may be set up, it pays to go ahead and learn the benefits of this awesome set of strategies. The following are the major benefits of the search engine optimization technique:

Low-cost Results

Compared to the pay-per-click and the Google AdWords, these strategies are cheaper. This means you will not have to dig too deep in your pockets to be able to leverage them. For this reason, you will also enjoy the benefit of a higher profit margin and lower operational costs. The technology is also adaptable for all kinds of businesses regardless of their net worth or financial strength.

Higher Inbound Traffic

This is the ultimate goal of any search engine optimization technique. The aim is to increase the number of inbound visitors. It does so by keeping your web page right at the top of the search engine results page. This increases the likelihood that the page will be clicked and with it, the possibility of visiting the page. An increase in traffic definitely leads to an increase in revenue.

Higher Brand Credibility

When many people visit your site or reference it in their pages, its credibility spikes. This created a sense of trust and credibility. This has the end result of boosting its ranking and with it, the revenue inflows. Many people will also get to identify with your brand and prefer them over and above those of the competitors. This again leads to a stabilized revenue inflow.

Better ROI (Return on Investment)

With these techniques, you will get to spend less but receive more in return. This subsequently means that you will experience better returns on investments. A higher return on investment leads to greater profitability and solidified market base. The normal ads are costlier yet bring in comparatively less value for money. They are therefore less cost-effective and may not always bring about the desired positive outcomes.

Competitive Edge

Most businesses are nowadays resorting to the internet platform as their avenue for growth and development. Your options are thus limited as pertains this whole issue. Your failure to embrace the technique may only mean being left behind. You, therefore, have to adopt this technique so as to stay competitive and stand a realistic chance of generating the required revenue levels.

New SEO technology

This set of technology is still in its infancy, like search voice, AI SEO images, automotive interactions. As such, it is the technology to look up to in the future. By leveraging this technology at the moment, you, therefore, get to position yourself strategically for the intense future competition. You also get to elevate your business to the next level by letting it stand apart from the rest in the pack.

Captivates Attention

At the moment, there are well over 250 million websites on the internet. For yours to stand a realistic chance of getting noticed, it has to do something much more than merely existing in its simplest shape and form. No other strategies let it achieve this aim than the search engine optimization tools. You, therefore, have to adopt these tools as a matter of necessity.


The SEO ranking is the position that your site occupies in the search engine results pages. Needless to say, there is a direct correlation between the ranking of your site and its visibility. A highly ranked site is obviously more visible than a lowly ranked site and vice versa.


In the following segment of the discussions, we are going to examine the various ways and means through which you may improve the rankings of your websites.

Publishing Relevant Content

Quality content is the key to making your site appear more visible to the would-be visitor. There is absolutely no better substitute for the quality content. You, therefore, have to see to it that you generate and post only high-quality contents at any given time. High quality here means being accurate and credible in nature. This, of course, is to boost the trust that would-be visitors may bestow on them.

Update Your Content Regularly

Other than generating and posting relevant contents, you also have to update them on a regular basis. This is to keep pace with the ongoing trends. This way, the contents will be true and accurate at all times and also boost their credibility as a whole. Credible contents have the abilities to boost the authoritativeness of your site and make it stand apart from others.

Utilize the Metadata

Metadata is a set of data that provides more information concerning other pieces of data. This kind of data includes the number of online visitors at a time, the number of ‘likes’ and ‘views’ a comment elicits, and the breakdown of the demographics of the visitors. Metadata is great as most search engine algorithms do incorporate is in their search criteria.

Create Links to authoritative sites

You can start to place some links within your site. These links should point to other authoritative sites. In this way you will give authoritativeness to your posts in an indirect way

Connection signals:

Make public relations. This will greatly help the possibility of creating natural links. Alternatively, you can use guest posts to let you know and get some good connections.
You can never hope to boost the visibility of your site without natural links.

Use Alt Tags

Alt tags are special kinds of links which drive the visitor to alternative resources in case the current one cannot be accessed for whatever reason. Most modern search engines tailor their algorithms to factor the alt tags while computing the search rankings. This, therefore, means that the site that has many of these alt tags will rank higher on average. These tags also enrich the experience of visitors who access your site. They guarantee them relevant pieces of information no matter what.


Lastly, we now want to learn how to monitor and track the results of the search engine optimization results. First and foremost, monitoring the results is a good thing to do. This is because it stays you alert and aware of the ongoing of your site. This grants you the ability to monitor the progress and devise any strategies that may be required to engage your audience better.

Monitoring the success of the search engine optimization techniques basically entails tracking the data regarding the engagements, traffic, and links. Below are the most common approaches that are used to achieve this aim:

Organic Traffic Growth

This refers to the increase in the number of visitors to a page after the various SEO strategies have already been adopted. A surge in the growth of traffic has a direct bearing on the success of the strategies and vice versa. Good analytics tools also generate graphs which display these trends over a duration of time.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings are the positions that the keywords occupy in a search engine result page. Higher rankings mean greater visibility and vice versa. It is in your best interest to see to it that your site ranks higher at all times to maintain its visibility. You may have to vary the keywords to guarantee this high rank.


Conversions are the number of visitors who subsequently source the products or services of the organization. Higher conversion rates mean greater success on your part. Higher conversion levels are of course the ultimate goal of any SEO and marketing approach. Such approaches may however not work automatically. You, therefore, have to supplement the SEO strategies with other techniques to drive the conversion rates upwards.


The hits are the average amount of time that visitors spend on your site. A good site has to attain higher hits at any given time. This is the only sign that it indeed is achieving the desired end. Higher hits are also indicative of the fact that the various strategies you put in place are making the necessary headways.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the opposite of the hits. It is the number of visitors to a page who opt to relocate elsewhere typically after viewing only one or two pages of your site. A higher bounce rate is not great for any site. It is a sign of dissatisfaction of the visitors to your page. In case you realize that your site has a higher bounce rate, you may wish to find the root cause and make appropriate adjustments.


You have undoubtedly received the head knowledge you require to make good use of the various search engine optimization strategies that are in existence. Such a head knowledge in and of itself is not enough. You have to take the necessary steps to leverage this awesome technology. This is why we recommend that you bring in the necessary experts for the job. How else will you be able to enjoy the attendant benefits? Remember to share this information also with as many people who may be in need of it!