SEO for Hotel – Easy tips for Search Engine Optimization

Advertising for your hotel business might be a difficult job to do but there are a number of ways which can give you a good image in the market. These ways include Google advertisements, by paying search engine optimization companies or other websites you can give you a good market overall.

We have gathered you tips that can help you market your hotel business in a more efficient way, seo for Hotel.

Start with Keyword Research

Using keywords related to your hotel will get you more traffic with SEO strategy for Hotel. You are recommended to use keywords related to hotels so you can have an organic ranking.

For example:

“The Ampersand Hotel is a new boutique hotel in the heart of London.”

Here, The Ampersand Hotel may get traffic on its website but it will not be organically ranked on Google. Why? It is because they have used keywords which are highly competitive in the market. There will be hundreds of hotels in London.

You are suggested to use Google’s Adwords Planner tool that can help you giving a set of keywords to use. Hotel related keywords (for The Ampersand Hotel) are:

  • Boutique Hotel London
  • Boutique Hotel London City
  • Cool hotel London City
  • Best London hotels City

This can help in advertising hotel and gather more traffic on its website. Keywords must be specific to the topic. They can be long phrases.

Create a Great Internal Link Structure

It is noted that internal links play an important with success of a website. The case is such that internal links have become more important in comparison to links directing towards your website from other places.

Why internal links are considered important? It is so because internal link structure is made in such a way that visitors can find their desired content in your website instead of quitting and moving on to another option.

In other words, your website should be linked properly so the Google Crawler can locate you in an easy way. As your website will be internally linked, every page will be indexed on Google resulting in more traffic and visitors on your website. It is obvious that if some pages are left by Google Crawler then it would not get enough visitors.

Your home page is considered as your sales page which is why it is necessary to have all links which can be needed by your visitor. You must include those links on your home page in order to keep visitors on your website instead of moving on to another. Once your website is internally linked there will be no way users will quit from your website and choose another option. Check if your website has internal links.

Setup Search Console and Analytics

There are two websites that you need to stay in contact with, namely Google Search Console and Google Analytics. In order to make your website visibly known among users then you must keep visiting these two websites.

The first website is helpful in letting your web pages be indexed to be crawled by Google. It also checks for 404 not found errors which resist users from using your website. Overall, it keeps a check on all hurdles users can face while searching for your website. As soon as your website is ready you should submit your pages to be indexed on Google Search Console. You might have to submit pages again and again if you have many of them. This process may take some time. Google Search Console is considered very helpful for website owners.

Moving on to Google Analytics, you will find the tool entirely different from the first one. This website helps you in getting a report on traffic your website gets. All you need to do is visit this website and get your results. You also have an option of receiving a report of particular dates.

Both of these websites are greatly helpful to keep you updated.

List your Hotel on Google Places, Google Plus and Google My Business for seo

Google Places and Google Plus are another websites that you cannot ignore. If you have store where people can reach then you must ensure that you have mentioned yourself in Google Places. Google Places and Google Plus both helps in increasing your search engine ranking. You can also use a new tool called Google My Business.

Google Plus is similar to Facebook with its own community for networking. It is run by Google itself. If people wish to check more details about your hotel then they can always look up into Google Plus’s community which will contain all information. Using Google Plus can help you gain more ranking on Search Engine ranking. Also, there are many advantages in using Google Plus such as blended search, local carousel results, platform integration and a lot more.

A box appears on Google Places where you are you are allowed to search for a particular business or brand. Your hotel will also be recognized when you will get yourself registered on Google Places. They will also use your location from Google Maps. It will display your address, Google Reviews, contact numbers, and your opening and closing timings.

Make sure you have a Blog in seo for Hotel

It is not possible that people will be looking up for your hotel if you are not renowned. You will have to create big content in order to be recognized around the public. Bringing up an effective content will be useful for your hotel and website. People will not know about your business until you present them with attractive content. You can build up blogs. You can have a WordPress account to post blogs directly on your website.

Content marketing is necessary to get yourself recognized with more number of people. Words will be describing your business in a better way. It is an effective way to gather more people on your website who will take their time to understand your business.

If you are not interested in writing, you may also opt for a vlog (a video blog). The main purpose for this is to convey your point, whether it is done through writing or voice. Both ways will do your job correctly. Content can be in words and in audio form both. It only needs to be entertaining and good enough to let them understand your point.

You can post blogs or vlogs weekly about your business. Only a few words will leave an impression after which more people will be contacting you.

Build links to your Website

Having backlinks can result in more traffic on your website. Backlinks are produced on various websites which can redirect users towards your webpage. You can produce backlinks on many websites which will help you gain a number of users on your website. In seo for Hotel you can keep backlinks on certified websites so people will also know that your website is trustworthy

These are methods that can help you build more seo links for hotel :

  • The Moving Man Method
  • Manual Outreach
  • Guest Posting
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Network Signups

There are a number of ways in which you can build links that direct users towards your website. You can also use Guest Blogging. In this case you can search for blogging platforms who will be posting blogs for your company or business. It will definitely leave an effect in regard to your hotel business. The blogs posted should have clear meaning and understanding for your business. It should portray a complete image of your website or business so that users can easily contact you. Meaningless content will not gain you traffic. Attractive blogs are recommended to be posted so people will talk about your business more and more.

You can produce guest posts as well which will direct users towards your website. You should one or two links which will guide visitors to your website. URLs mentioned will link visitors back to your website which will then increase your search engine ranking.

Other than this, your anchor text should also look appealing so more visitors will be attracted to your website. This anchor text should not be forced, instead you have to work hard and think for a creative anchor text.

For example:

  • The London city
  • Central Sky Garden
  • What’s in Sky Garden
  • Things to do in London City

This set of anchor texts will give you valuable links to look for.

Following these tips can help you greatly in establishing your own seo for hotel business. It is obvious that starting a new business is not an easy job to do, but keeping these guidelines in your mind you will be on the right path. Backlinks, Google Places, Google Plus, Google My Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics are all important to let your hotel business go high above all others. Make sure you follow these guidelines abd get effective results. You will acknowledge yourself on moving over the top.