SEO for Hotel – Easy tips for Search Engine Optimization

Advertising for your hotel business might be a difficult job to do but there are a number of ways which can give you a good image in the market. These ways include Google advertisements, by paying search engine optimization companies or other websites you can give you a good market overall.

We have gathered you tips that can help you market your hotel business in a more efficient way, seo for Hotel.

Start with Keyword Research

Using keywords related to your hotel will get you more traffic with SEO strategy for Hotel. You are recommended to use keywords related to hotels so you can have an organic ranking.

For example:

“The Ampersand Hotel is a new boutique hotel in the heart of London.”

Here, The Ampersand Hotel may get traffic on its website but it will not be organically ranked on Google. Why? It is because they have used keywords which are highly competitive in the market. There will be hundreds of hotels in London.

You are suggested to use Google’s Adwords Planner tool that can help you giving a set of keywords to use. Hotel related keywords (for The Ampersand Hotel) are:

  • Boutique Hotel London
  • Boutique Hotel London City
  • Cool hotel London City
  • Best London hotels City

This can help in advertising hotel and gather more traffic on its website. Keywords must be specific to the topic. They can be long phrases.

Create a Great Internal Link Structure

It is noted that internal links play an important with success of a website. The case is such that internal links have become more important in comparison to links directing towards your website from other places.

Why internal links are considered important? It is so because internal link structure is made in such a way that visitors can find their desired content in your website instead of quitting and moving on to another option.

In other words, your website should be linked properly so the Google Crawler can locate you in an easy way. As your website will be internally linked, every page will be indexed on Google resulting in more traffic and visitors on your website. It is obvious that if some pages are left by Google Crawler then it would not get enough visitors.

Your home page is considered as your sales page which is why it is necessary to have all links which can be needed by your visitor. You must include those links on your home page in order to keep visitors on your website instead of moving on to another. Once your website is internally linked there will be no way users will quit from your website and choose another option. Check if your website has internal links.

Setup Search Console and Analytics

There are two websites that you need to stay in contact with, namely Google Search Console and Google Analytics. In order to make your website visibly known among users then you must keep visiting these two websites.

The first website is helpful in letting your web pages be indexed to be crawled by Google. It also checks for 404 not found errors which resist users from using your website. Overall, it keeps a check on all hurdles users can face while searching for your website. As soon as your website is ready you should submit your pages to be indexed on Google Search Console. You might have to submit pages again and again if you have many of them. This process may take some time. Google Search Console is considered very helpful for website owners.

Moving on to Google Analytics, you will find the tool entirely different from the first one. This website helps you in getting a report on traffic your website gets. All you need to do is visit this website and get your results. You also have an option of receiving a report of particular dates.

Both of these websites are greatly helpful to keep you updated.

List your Hotel on Google Places, Google Plus and Google My Business for seo

Google Places and Google Plus are another websites that you cannot ignore. If you have store where people can reach then you must ensure that you have mentioned yourself in Google Places. Google Places and Google Plus both helps in increasing your search engine ranking. You can also use a new tool called Google My Business.

Google Plus is similar to Facebook with its own community for networking. It is run by Google itself. If people wish to check more details about your hotel then they can always look up into Google Plus’s community which will contain all information. Using Google Plus can help you gain more ranking on Search Engine ranking. Also, there are many advantages in using Google Plus such as blended search, local carousel results, platform integration and a lot more.

A box appears on Google Places where you are you are allowed to search for a particular business or brand. Your hotel will also be recognized when you will get yourself registered on Google Places. They will also use your location from Google Maps. It will display your address, Google Reviews, contact numbers, and your opening and closing timings.

Make sure you have a Blog in seo for Hotel

It is not possible that people will be looking up for your hotel if you are not renowned. You will have to create big content in order to be recognized around the public. Bringing up an effective content will be useful for your hotel and website. People will not know about your business until you present them with attractive content. You can build up blogs. You can have a WordPress account to post blogs directly on your website.

Content marketing is necessary to get yourself recognized with more number of people. Words will be describing your business in a better way. It is an effective way to gather more people on your website who will take their time to understand your business.

If you are not interested in writing, you may also opt for a vlog (a video blog). The main purpose for this is to convey your point, whether it is done through writing or voice. Both ways will do your job correctly. Content can be in words and in audio form both. It only needs to be entertaining and good enough to let them understand your point.

You can post blogs or vlogs weekly about your business. Only a few words will leave an impression after which more people will be contacting you.

Build links to your Website

Having backlinks can result in more traffic on your website. Backlinks are produced on various websites which can redirect users towards your webpage. You can produce backlinks on many websites which will help you gain a number of users on your website. In seo for Hotel you can keep backlinks on certified websites so people will also know that your website is trustworthy

These are methods that can help you build more seo links for hotel :

  • The Moving Man Method
  • Manual Outreach
  • Guest Posting
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Network Signups

There are a number of ways in which you can build links that direct users towards your website. You can also use Guest Blogging. In this case you can search for blogging platforms who will be posting blogs for your company or business. It will definitely leave an effect in regard to your hotel business. The blogs posted should have clear meaning and understanding for your business. It should portray a complete image of your website or business so that users can easily contact you. Meaningless content will not gain you traffic. Attractive blogs are recommended to be posted so people will talk about your business more and more.

You can produce guest posts as well which will direct users towards your website. You should one or two links which will guide visitors to your website. URLs mentioned will link visitors back to your website which will then increase your search engine ranking.

Other than this, your anchor text should also look appealing so more visitors will be attracted to your website. This anchor text should not be forced, instead you have to work hard and think for a creative anchor text.

For example:

  • The London city
  • Central Sky Garden
  • What’s in Sky Garden
  • Things to do in London City

This set of anchor texts will give you valuable links to look for.

Following these tips can help you greatly in establishing your own seo for hotel business. It is obvious that starting a new business is not an easy job to do, but keeping these guidelines in your mind you will be on the right path. Backlinks, Google Places, Google Plus, Google My Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics are all important to let your hotel business go high above all others. Make sure you follow these guidelines abd get effective results. You will acknowledge yourself on moving over the top.

SEO for E-Commerce Product Sites – Statistics – Optimization – Tactics

Search Engine Optimization is the practice used for the increasing the number of visitors to a website. It plays a vital role in the success or failure of a website. SEO is essential for such Ecommerce sites that are dependent upon charming, pulling in and holding the most customers. SEO for Ecommerce sites is way more complicated than optimization of the sites that don’t have many product listings. Hence, it is inevitable for us to go after the best applications to make sure that our site is working well.

Statistics speak

SEO for the product pages is not that simple. A small error can cost a lot especially when your eye is on the top position of Google search results. It is preferable to be in the top three positions for increasing the number viewers.  Research has approved that the sites positioning on page one of a Google keyword search accomplish a normal active-visitor clicking percentage (CTR) of 71.3 percent. Whereas, the page two and three consolidate just get a CTR of 5.59 percent.

Much more thought to provoke is the uniqueness between the top positions on page one. The search results ranked first to get a normal of 31.24 clicks. Whereas, the ranked 2nd drops by over half clicks. The ranked fifth has the even lesser click of about 5.50 percent. Going deeper into statistical data is of no use as the above results have already told us about the whole trick. The entire trick for winning the SEO battle lies in spending the assets and time that is essential for the E-commerce site.

Evaluate, Research and Optimize

SEO success is dependent upon some steps. These steps are as following:

  1. Evaluation of the data.
  2. The research of competitors and keywords.
  3. Implementation of right changes to your site.

These steps are inevitable for achieving the first position on page one of Google.  In addition to following these steps continuously for sustaining the success following areas should also be kept in mind to lead the Google rankings summit.

1.    SEO check

To identify the SEO problems, you should start with a broad check of your website. After it, you should evaluate your whole site focusing mainly on the product pages. This is important as no doubt a lot of errors originate here and effect regarding the efficiency of the site. Screaming Frog is a good tool for crawling your images, script, apps, and links to find the mistakes, copy content, missing tags, redirects and much other SEO affecting issues.

2.    Keyword research

Among the several pieces of SEO Enigma, keyword research is the most essential. Instead of targeting wrong keywords one should target the right keywords on the product pages. Tactically using right keywords results in the high-quality consumers and a significant number of sales. Ranking difficulty, pertinence and volume of the search must be kept in mind while performing the keyword search. Hence, long tail keywords pertinent to your product, having low difficulty ranking in comparison to the competition and elevated resembling search volume, must be selected.

3.    Competitor Exploration

The main thing is the knowledge about the keywords. You must know the strengths of your opponent. First, you should get an idea of the keywords used by the opponent and then among those, search for the keywords which you want to compete. You should get direct to the websites providing them with the quality links. You must pay attention to the structural design of the E-commerce sites, extracting the useful knowledge about pages to achieve greatness for your site.

Development of Product Pages: 13 SEO tactics

After obtaining full knowledge of the opponents, keywords, and challenges that your website for Ecommerce may face, you should use the following SEO tactics for achieving the top product page position of Google:

1.    Produce un-copied product specifications

The product specifications described must not be copied. Using the product specs that have already been defined by some other company turns out to be a blunder. Such product specifications are considered as the copied material by the SEs (Search Engines). Also, Google doesn’t list such products at all. Hence, the product specifications can only tempt the customers to purchase your product if they are un-copied, exceptionally unique and have a persuasive sales pitch.

2.    Usage of Specific Keyword Phrases

One should use very specific keyword phrases related to the product he is going to sell. This is very important as the customer doesn’t want to wander here or there in search of the essential product. A customer has the exact idea of what he is going to purchase so he would look for the exact keywords. Hence, to increase the number of customers, it is inevitable to such specific keywords for your product page.

3.    Inclusion of consumer remarks

Consumer remarks are the key to success for any product page. These remarks approve you socially to the potential customers and claim your trustworthiness. Consumer comments are found to be the key factor for higher ranking as they increase the number of viewers by 58 percent and profit per view by 62 percent.

Spontaneous Navigation: The way you design your product website is very important for its success. Your design can get you the authority among customers as well as the higher ranks. Hence, creating your product page in a systematic order makes it easy for the customers to locate it and understand it without any problem.

4.    Adding social media links

People are very active on social media these days. They share things with their followers through this medium. Using Social media links on your product page can enhance the chance of tempting, even more, customers. A satisfied customer can share your product page with his followers which can bring fame to your product page. So, the addition of social media links like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram not only claims the credibility and pertinence of your product page but also affects its Google rankings.

5.    Adding Videos and Images

The addition of product videos and images to your product page is also a good tactic. Using classy images and videos of your product can increase the number of attracted customers. These customers if satisfied with your product can share your page with their followers on social media. Good load time and tempting product images are part and parcel to each other. In addition to this, images must also be labeled by the specific keywords as it enhances the chance of their inclusion to the related-images search.

6.    Optimizing the speed to load web page

If your webpage is unable to load within three seconds, then almost 40% of traffic on your site will be reduced. Moreover, 79% of the visitors who waited for your site to load are not expected to come back. If you have developed the site to work on mobiles and tablets, then this feature holds, even more, significance. The time of your web page loading can be reduced and you can boost your Google rankings by getting more visitors by compressing the pixels or size of the images of products or by implementing lazy loading technology.

7.    Metadata should be interesting

The meta-data holds as much importance in the SEO as the web designing. There should be an attractive and unique meta description and meta title on each of the products at your e-commerce site. You should always keep this thing in mind that a potential visitor will look at your meta data asap after seeing on Google. Thus, you should be prepared to present good 1st impression on your visitor by having high-quality metadata on all your products.

8.    Videos and images of products

The visitors will look at the images and videos of products before buying them. How they feel about your products will greatly determine how much they are influenced by your website. The quality of images and videos should be getting and interesting. It should be of a caliber that any visitor would like to share on social media. However, you have to compensate the loading time of page and video and image quality, both so you must take care and properly evaluate things accordingly.

9.    URL is also important

When it comes to SEO, even the URL plays an important part and should be search- friendly. The URL must be unique, and it should be optimized for the primary keyword of the page. The URL give search engine an idea about the category or genre of the webpage, and thus the search engine uses the data collected from URLs to give visitors a better experience with relevant results.

10.    Out of stock product pages should also be live

You should keep the products that are out of stock live on your website as they contribute to the power of SEO for your website. Leave them as they are and tell the users whether it will come back or not or include the links of some relevant products.

What SEO beginners need to know: a basic skills guide

In the modern age, SEO is not considered as a technical skill rather it is a basic requirement that must be learned and users must have a good understanding of this aspect. Search Engine optimization strategy is recognized as a fundamental practice which is significantly important for a modern marketer. For the past few years, the requirement of this skill has increased to a lot more extent. This article contains some fundamental key knowledge that any SEO beginner should know.

What is SEO?

First, you must know what basically SEO means? Search engine optimization consists of a strategy for optimization of your website so that it can be easily indexed by search engines. You basically have to design the website and manage its content in a way that it becomes search engine friendly and when search engines search for most relevant results, your website comes in the top results.

Let search engines search you easily

How will you make your web pages easily accessible to the search engines so that your website is ranked higher in relevant results? For this purpose, there are some on- page optimization techniques that are mentioned below. Through these techniques, you can manage the content, help increase the traffic on your website and enhance the click-through rates.

On-page SEO

What are the different elements that you need to improve on your web page for making it easily visible to search engine? There are different elements that are mentioned below. For example, the URL of your website also plays a role in determining your website ranking. Use of sitemaps is recommended, and good, high-quality content is obviously a must. How to improve the visibility of your website? Let’s see

Internal linking

If you are linking content on one web page to other pages on your site, then this means your website surely has gained quite some value. There are Google bots managed by Google that determine the ranking of your site in the search results of Google. For that purpose, the internal links are preferred by Google bots while indexing your site.

While you focus on internal linking, you help the site rank good for some keywords that are the focus of your website. Internal links can also decrease the bounce rates as the users can find some related content which they like to go through, ultimately spending more time on your website. Just add two to three internal links in each web page and spread them throughout the content.

Anchor text

Your anchor text communicates the meaning of your content to the search engine as well as the users. While you add a link to some certain text, then make sure that the text is relevant to the link. Moreover, it is recommended to vary the anchor text throughout because otherwise, search engines may detect it as spam or suspicious content.

Headlines, titles and title tags

You have to keep the title tags, titles and headlines right to the point and they should be short too. Your headlines and titles explain the main theme of your article and they must not be vague in any way. Meta keywords and metadata are not that important now for the search engines as they used to be because of their misusage. But, the title and its importance has never lost its worth.

XML Sitemap

SML sitemap is the document that comprises of all pages of your website and is hosted on the server. Therefore, whenever you will add new pages to your website, the search engines will be informed by Google Search Console. This will be of great help especially if you don’t have a good ranking at Google.


You have to create a smooth navigation for your aircraft so that the users can easily move to their relevant area. Your website should be easy to go back and forth. It will be better and convenient to use text links rather than images or animations for navigation on the website. The text links take less time to load and are easily understood too.


This is probably one of the most important elements in the ranking of your website. You must have an entertaining, relevant and high quality unique content on your web pages as this is crucial when it comes to SEO practices. Google has a rapidly changing algorithm. However, one thing always remains constant which is preference to the content. Content value is always the top priority in determining the search engine ranking of a website.


Your content should be of a high quality and should also come regularly. On average, there should be at least one article posted on your website per day. Write as regularly as you can because the world-wide web is a very busy place and is stuffed with competitors who are ready to take your place whenever they can.


Don’t try to stuff content in your website while not focusing on the quality. Be concise and offer value so that a reader is interested to spend time on your website. Fascinating, completely relevant and unique content will do the job in a lot better way than vague, useless content even larger in length.

Improving click-through rates

Different techniques can be employed for increasing the click-through rates and make your search result appealing to the searchers.

Meta description

This is the short description of your website that is displayed beneath URL in SERPs and gives a hint to the search engine so that your site can be ranked higher for relevant searches. When you share the web page on social websites, meta description is displayed in the posts.


The image search is also a useful contributor to web traffic but you need to optimize them to make their full use: name of image and “Alt” attribute.

Off-page SEO

There are some promotional means and off-site techniques that can help in increasing the ranking of your website. Some of them are mentioned below:

Natural link building

If another site links to a web page from your site, then this will be considered a positive point and like a vote of confidence by Google.

Social media

The contribution of social media is also vital in increased search engine ranking. For most of the websites, social media is the real key for their traffic.

How do I get large websites indexed by Google and other search engines?

Getting indexed by Google and other search engines is of utmost importance for any website. However, it is also worth pointing out that crawl priorities are constantly being changed by search engines. If you crawl too deep you are going to end up getting lots of low quality pages, and if you crawl too shallow you will not get down to the really relevant pages. Since crawl priorities change all the time, there is really no way to make sure that pages get indexed and stay like that. Continue reading How do I get large websites indexed by Google and other search engines?

SEO Techniques to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

When you invest money in a website, all you expect is to get a good return on that investment. However, simply having a website is not going to have sales coming your way. The process involves more than that as first you need to make sure your website is visible, and that visitors are attracted to it in some way or another. If you were to think about how many other similar websites are online, and how they may be promoting themselves to online customers, you will quickly realize that you need to do something to avoid having those customers going to your competitors’ websites rather than yours. So here are some SEO techniques that will help you to do just that, while maximizing your chances of increasing e-commerce sales. Continue reading SEO Techniques to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

WordPress SEO Guide

WordPress is a commonly used CMS. In fact, if we were to check how many sites are powered by it, we would surely get a staggering number, as there are definitely millions of them. However, despite being so popular, it is worth pointing out that WordPress has a drawback – and that is the out-of-box SEO is not a strong point for sure. So in this guide the main aim is to learn what works best to optimise your WordPress setup. This will help you to get more search traffic to tour site or blog. So let us go over some of the most helpful tips you can try to put into practice:

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Web Agency and SEO Strategist for Big Company

In order to succeed in the rising competitive internet business globe, big business owners and new site owners need to know and follow proven site SEO strategies for growing, sustaining and building site popularity for niche markets. Read on to find out perfect tips for the top SEO and see results in just few weeks from web agency.

See the large picture
If you want to run a profitable big business on the website, it is vital to have a perfect SEO plan that gathers proper keyword research, knowledge of focus market and it needs and easy website structure to make sure optimum site visitors experience that helps rise site popularity. So, include Off-page SEO, On-page SEO (link building through blog comments, forum posting, article marketing) and social media marketing, which is very famous currently. Continue reading Web Agency and SEO Strategist for Big Company

SEO Tips for bank institutes and credit unions

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New SEO Strategy

There is no denying that without a proper investment in SEO, no business can adequately compete in the market nowadays. If you were to think of how many websites selling the same products you are selling are available online, probably the first thing that will come to mind is – how am I ever going to compete and sell anything? But in reality, there are many successful businesses online, and not all of them are big multinationals or popular brand names. Ultimately every business can succeed as long as a proper and effective SEO strategy is put into place. Continue reading New SEO Strategy

Digital Agency for Search Engine Marketing

Digital Agency for Search engine Marketing could be a multi-billion trade spearheaded by Google, Bing, and Yahoo that’s usually attenuated to 2 segments – free (organic) and paid (inorganic) search. Free Search promoting, or SEO optimization (SEO), uses on-page and off-page ways to assist search engines higher perceive the relative importance of a website’s pages. Google offers for advertising pay per click offer to advertisers to put their ads. Owing to the growing demand and complicated nature of “search,” as product promoting corporations would love to mention, it’s usually onerous to work out sensible SEO/PPC specialists from unhealthy SEO/PPC snake oil salesmen. Search engine promoting services Continue reading Digital Agency for Search Engine Marketing