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Social media for Business: Best social media analytics Tools

Social media analytics is the extraction of data from the various social media platforms with the aim of informing and guiding the marketing strategies. These tools aid in gauging the performance of social media goals, aims, and ambitions.

Several social media analytics tools do abound. Some of them are free yet some are premium. Most are open source yet a number is provided for and managed strictly by the sites that provide them. We have sampled a variety of these tools and are going to discuss them in the proceeding discussions.



  1. Followerwonk

This tools for analytics is exclusively used on the Twitter micro-blogging site. It tracks and displays a detailed analysis data for social media from your Twitter followers and their corresponding activities. To make use of this tool, you have to click the Analytics tab. You should thereafter enter the Twitter username you are interested in and click enter. You will get access to a list of your followers and their current status. These include followers online, their social authorities, total tweets, activities, impressions, and counts.


  1. ViralWoot

ViralWoot is mainly used by Pinterest. With it, you can promote pins, schedule pins, and recruit new followers. It also displays basic account metrics such as pins, boards, and followers. Other than that, it also shows the various Pinterest statistics such as reach, Pinfluence, engagement scores, and activity. It may also recommend to you how to increase those statistics. For the paid users, this tool provides comprehensive analytics such as data regarding the best day and time to post whichever content as well as the best ever colours.


  1. Google Analytics

On the whole, this tool is mainly used to analyze website traffic. It also allows you to dig into the referral statistics on your social media marketing tools. Just click through to the acquisition, then Social, and the Overview. You will thus be able to check how many visits your site has received from each of the main social media platforms available. In case you opt to add goals to your Google Analytics tracking, you will be able to observe the direct impacts of the various social media platforms on your goals and paths as well.


  1. Quintly

Quintly does have a free plan option which grants you access to three Facebook pages for free. It offers data and access to the main engagement metrics like shares, comments, and likes; and the data on follower growth. If you co-opt multiple pages, you will be able to quickly see how the pages fair on the graphs at a glance.


  1. Cyfe

Unlike the other social media tools, this one makes it possible for you to create custom dashboards. These boards contain statistics from various marketing tools. It does so by synchronizing all the major networks and extracts the overview or specific reports from the various accounts or platforms you manage or follow.


  1. Tailwind

Tailwind is designed to track both the Instagram and the Pinterest social media platforms. This marketing solution schedules contents, analyses performances, and monitors conversations. When used on Pinterest, it displays the number of pins on your domain, number of followers, and potential impressions for your boards. When used on Instagram however, it displays the relevant metrics like the number of followers, likes, comments, and posts.


  1. Keyhole

This tool provides free yet powerful previews of the count tracking services, keywords, and hashtags. For the hashtag and the keywords, it furnishes a wealth of information regarding such issues as a share of posts, top posts, reaches, and so on. For the account tracking, it allows you to monitor your brand and how your competitor is fairing on in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


  1. Klout

Klout works with your profiles as well as several other pages that are found in the major social media platforms. It incorporates scores from 0 to 100 on your social media influence. It may also suggest contents which you may subsequently schedule and share via its app in order to improve your overall score.


  1. Klear

Klear connects your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to analyze your profiles and followers. This way, you will keep track of the goings-on and the various milestones these accounts may have achieved whether offline or online.


  1. Audiense

In case the sum total of all your followers and following do not exceed 5,000, this analytics tool provide you with a free analysis of your Twitter profile. With it, you will be able to learn the interests, demographics, and influence of your followers. You will also be able to manage your contacts and determine the best ever a time to tweet.


  1. TweetReach

TweetReach generates graphs and charts of your analytics in the form of a snapshot. These charts comprise such details as the exposure, reach, contributions, and activity. It is mainly handy and relevant for checking the mentions of your Twitter username as well as keeping track of your branded industry and hashtag.


  1. IBM Watson Personality Insights

IBM Watson Personality Insights performs more or less similar chores to the TweetReach discussed above. It only adopts a different approach. It uses the personality theory and linguistic analytics to extract vital data concerning your personality from your Tweets.


  1. Peakfeed

Peakfeed extracts and sends out reports concerning your social media profile statistics to your e-mail address on a weekly basis. It allows you to connect up to three accounts of your major social media platforms. The tool is still at the beta stage for the time being.


  1. WolframAlpha Facebook Report

Built to work hand in hand with the Wolfram Alpha search engine this tool displays all sorts of vital information that your Facebook profile and the various posts contains.


  1. SocialRank

SocialRank analytics does have a free plan with which you can analyze and manage your Instagram and Twitter followers. It provides a summarized report of your followers as well as information concerning other top locations, spatial distributions, and popular words in the bio.



This is a management tool that is designed to work only on Instagram. It performs so much more chores than the Instagram analytics. It also makes it possible for you to respond to comments explore featured users, top hashtags, and create up to three custom-feed accounts of Instagram.

  1. Talkwalker


The Talkwalker is designed in such a manner as to grant you free searches for keywords and hashtags across the various social media platforms. This also extends to news, forums, and blogs. The tool also generates a wide range of data like distribution of conversations, sentiments, mentions, and top posts.

  1. LikeAlyzer

Just type your Facebook page URL on the address bar of this tool. It will analyze your Facebook page and generate metrics like posts per day, timing, engagements per post, and the overall lengths of the posts. The tool also suggests recommendations that you may use to improve your Facebook page.



As stated earlier, most social media platforms have their own built-in analytics tools. These offer some great insights into your activities on the said platforms. Listed and explained below are some of these tools and their applicability.


  1. Facebook Insights

This one is made available to all the admins of the various Facebook pages. The tool displays the full statistics behind your posts, your reach, and fans. It also it lets you set up a list of the pages you might want to watch from the insights tab. This gives you grants you information on how your Facebook pages are performing.

To access these insights, you have to click the insights tab button in the menu bar. This is located across the top of your Facebook page. To see the full statistics of the posts created, click the ‘people reached’ text that lies at the foot of the individual post.


  1. Instagram Insights

This is an analytics tool that is designed and intended for use on Instagram only. The tool provides a wide range of data concerning your posts, profiles, stories, and adverts. It also furnishes detailed pieces of information about your followers like their most active days and times.

To use it, you will first of all have to switch your personal Instagram profile to a business profile. You will then have to access your profile page on your mobile app. Finish this by tapping the graph icon at the upper-right corner.


  1. Twitter analytics

As the name suggests, this one is provided for and used wholly by Twitter. It provides you an overview of how your tweets have performed for the duration of the past 28 days. These performances include the clicks, favourites, retweets, and mentions. It also grants insights into the impressions of each tweet. The tool also makes it possible for you to export all the data and generate neat reports.

The tool is pretty simple to use. All you have to do is to click any individual tweet in your list. This will reveal a complete breakdown of each element of the tweet engagement. These include the URLs, clicks on images, clicks on your username, a bar chart, and expanded details. These cover duration of the past 24 hours.


  1. Pinterest Analytics

From the Pinterest Analytics dashboard, it is possible for you to view every pertinent aspect of your Pinterest marketing. At the dashboard, you will also get to observe the audience statistics, impressions, followers, and website engagements. You can also gain more in-depth reports for each of these parameters and determine which of them have performed.

To access and use this tool, just log on to Pinterest and proceed to the You will have to convert your personal profile into a business profile first and foremost before leveraging this tool.


  1. LinkedIn analytics for individuals

LinkedIn does confer analytics services for the long-form LinkedIn articles. This tool displays the total number of engagements and views, the persons who have interacted with your article, and the sum total views of your articles.

The full version of the analytics is not yet universally available. To access these analytics, you have to go to your LinkedIn homepage and click the view counts. This is found on the left column. Thereafter, click the link ‘X views on this post’. The tool also displays the number of persons who viewed your profile in the past week to the right column of your LinkedIn feed.


  1. LinkedIn Analytics for Businesses

Other than the individual profile, LinkedIn also displays information concerning your company’s page plus a breakdown of followers and the follower growth.

To gain access to it, you will first have to log in to the LinkedIn page. Once logged in, proceed to the business page. Click the Analytics that is right next to the Home link. This is right at the top of the page.

NB: If your company is new, you will see the statistics of your posts beneath each of them. These include the engagement rates, impressions, social actions, and clicks.


  1. Google+ Influence

This is an analytics tool for the Google+ social media platform. It displays some basic statistics regarding your posts and their reaches.

To access and utilize it, you will first and foremost have to log in to Google+. You thereafter have to proceed to the business page profile. Click the three dots that are arranged vertically by your cover photo as well as “Your Influence”.




  1. Buffer

This premium tool enables you to keep track of the major engagement statistics for each update you post on the top social media platforms. These include LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Its most favourite feature is the Top Tweet/Top Post badge. This pops up each time an update exceeds the average performance.

Price: $59 per month and a 7-day free trial


  1. SumAll

As the name suggests, this tool is an amalgamation of several closely connected apps. The app makes it possible for you to interconnect all your social media profiles into one. It sends out insights on a weekly or monthly basis. It also saves all these pieces of information on its dashboard as a backup. This allows you to view and access them seamlessly at your convenience.

Price: Costs $99/month plus a 7-day free trial


  1. Socialbakers

This tool possesses all the major resources you might possibly need. It is as such well able to track multiple profiles, competitive intelligence, key performance indicators, and automated reports. The tool can also publish and optimize your contents.

Price: $24/month per page of analytics report and 14-day free trial


  1. Rival IQ

Rival IQ can track and compare the performances of up to 75 different companies. It can generate and display search engine optimization techniques and other social media metrics. It can handle Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Price: Starts at $99/month plus a 7-day free trial


  1. Social Report

This tool generates and displays a rough overview of all the activities of any of the 20orso supported social networks. It can also allow you to track new topics, measure the relevant returns on investments, export the data and handy in reports.

Price: Starts from $49/month and a free 30-day trial


  1. Simply Measured

By use of this tool, you can obtain a complete picture of all your social media efforts. These range from the social media metrics to the business values.

Price: Around $500/month



The choice as to which social media analysis tools to leverage rests squarely with you. Generally speaking, the premium tools are better than the free tools given the fact that they possess extra features and generally backed by robust customer support services.
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